Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive? – Various Factors

If you consider having an espresso machine to make a cup of coffee yourself at home, you can be shocked by what you will learn about this article. An espresso machine is more expensive than you expected. It is one of the most costly but intelligent coffee machines costing hundreds or even thousands on the market. There are opinions among customers about why espresso machines are so expensive. The answer to the question “why are espresso machines so expensive?” is that espresso machines are so expensive that you can’t imagine. Let’s have a thorough understanding of the details of this review. 

How Do You Know About An Espresso?

Before answering why an espresso machine is so expensive, we need to know what espresso is. 

Espresso is a concentrated, thick, and caffeine-high coffee typically served in more substantial and smaller servings than coffee. A cup of espresso is made using the same coffee beans as coffee. Both of them are planted and roasted the same way. 

The preparation process requires creating a bold and thick taste of an espresso. A cup of regular coffee is made using a hot water filter in slow speech. However, an espresso gets its flavor by shooting boiling water through coffee grounds at high pressure. Modern espresso machines employ water forced through an electric pump instead of the lever formerly used to achieve the required pressure. 

Factors To Differentiate Espresso Machines And Coffee Makers

It is widely known that the brewing method plays a vital role in differentiating between an espresso machine and a regular coffee maker. If you are a newbie or coffee specialist, make sure you are curious about which is better to create the best flavors. Let’s come to the first feature of the difference. 


Coffee makers use a distinct technique to brew your cup of coffee. Before being poured over your coffee grinds for extraction, the water in your water tank or reservoir is heated. The procedure takes a bit longer than espresso; the machine handles all of the work for you for a few minutes.

In contrast, espresso machines force heated water through acceptable coffee grounds at high pressure of 9 bars in brewing. This technique ensures you get your espresso shot in around 30 seconds by substituting pressure for temperature extraction.

Grind size

First of all, to prepare a good cup of coffee and espresso, you have to consider choosing a grind size that is proper for your brewing method. Smaller espresso grinds have more surface area exposed to the water, which is perfect for a quick extraction.

On the other hand, there is an essential factor that a drip coffee brew typically requires medium grind sizes; as result, creating a premium coffee taste. If you, unfortunately, buy the wrong grind size, the flavor of this cup can be too bland or too bitter. While it takes 30 seconds for an espresso machine to make a shot of espresso, a drip coffee maker needs to have a longer brewing time to extract, up to 10 minutes, due to its finer grind. 


An espresso machine decides the Espresso machines have differences in shapes and sizes to create a perfect espresso. Espresso can only be made using a specific machine. The device must produce enough pressured water to brew quickly a kind of drink that is both high in caffeine and complex. However, most coffee makers are unable to provide the high pressure necessary for espresso.

In the opinion of the majority of coffee drinkers worldwide, espresso machines provide a more genuine, richer, and creamier coffee experience. According to your mood, taste, or preferred strength, an espresso machine also enables you to choose from a variety of coffees. In comparison, coffee makers are single-purpose devices that unquestionably generate less coffee. If you enjoy drinking coffee, an espresso machine’s extracted liquid is almost certainly what you will prefer. In addition, you should concentrate on the calories of a double shot of espresso for better health.

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Is An Espresso Machine Pricey?

An espresso machine is probably daunting for coffee lovers due to its price. Sure, If you are passionate about creating espresso coffee on a rainy day at home, you might be aware of just how pricey they can be. Espresso makers range from $100 for a basic home espresso to roughly $20,000 or more for an academic espresso brewer. Fortunately, nobody needs a costly coffee maker.

To brew a cup of mouth-watering espresso, it will be a good investment to own a machine. If you use an espresso machine for business purposes, you will need to replace the machine at home. Customers nowadays should pay close attention to considering machine selection that suits their expectations. 

To make a shot of espresso, you technically don’t need a machine. Although it is technically possible to learn how to make this beverage by hand, doing so would be extremely laborious and difficult to do accurately. Most individuals would rather spend more money on a machine than be wholly wrapped up in brewing by themselves because of its practicality and convenience.

Reasons For The High Prices of Espresso Machines 

The article’s main thesis, “Why are espresso machines so expensive?,” has now been addressed. Espresso machines are often expensive for ten primary reasons. Let’s have a look at each of the three factors more closely.

Components And Materials

The components and materials of an espresso machine make a distinguishing difference in the cost of a product. One of the most obvious reasons for a machine is that it requires more effort. The machine’s main parts are the filters, Thermoblock, and grinder. The boiler and pressure stat made to a high standard is also fundamental to making a good shot of espresso. They determine the temperature, consistency, and pressure during brewing. If there is one slightest mistake in machine parts, your cup of coffee will become a disaster. Therefore, the precision and complexity of advanced machines are a great challenge for espresso manufacturers to keep the price from going up even more. 

Low-cost components used in cheaper coffee makers are available, as well. As a result, they are frequently of substandard quality. Although affordable espresso machines exist, some people opt to purchase expensive ones. Although there are a lot of undoubtedly reasonable coffee makers, you should consider a quality perspective rather than keeping an eye on price. 

Low Demand

An espresso machine isn’t on the domestic appliance list to buy. Most people are not willing to own an expensive coffee-brewing machine. High-quality espresso machines are used strictly by target customers for commercial goals. There is an obvious fact that low demand will lead to decreased sales of espresso machines. In other words, drinkers have to pay more since this modern machine is manufactured on a smaller scale. 

Quality Stands The Test Of Time

Even though espresso is growing in popularity among private coffee drinkers, most brands produce commercial espresso machines with the cafe and restaurant business in mind. Manufacturers spend money on high-quality parts and warranties because those machines need to withstand years of continuous use.

Compared to most other coffee makers, espresso machines provide substantially higher-quality coffee. Most espresso machine makers still place a premium on longevity and durability, which results in installing more expensive parts and equipment.

It would help if you considered espresso makers as a long-term investment in the caliber of your coffee rather than as an appliance. It is because they continue to work even after a long time.

Brand Reputation And Product Research

Branding and research are costs that all businesses must pay. The establishment of brands and research is factor in the price of every single item you purchase. Branding and research are also necessary to develop safe and desirable versions of espresso machines. For instance, Testing phases and studies ensure that materials are high-end. Before launching the product for commercial purposes, manufacturers make it available to numerous businesses and residences for performance testing. This allows the research team to analyze the results generated and make changes accordingly.

Furthermore, professional staff creates each high-end espresso machine with the assistance of a large team of skilled individuals. They are all experienced experts whom Handley put together machines. Therefore, human resources are involved in research development and design, and they must be paid for their training and experience.

You will pay extra if you purchase a machine from one of the most reputable manufacturers of coffee equipment. With many years of investment in research & development, design, and quality testing, these brands have an excellent reputation for quality. Certain brands take pride in using high-quality components, which leads to an increase in price. Some companies even make their espresso machines by hand, pushing the price even higher. 


Cup Scale

The coffee scale of espresso contains much more liquids than regular coffee machines. It allows you to brew a more significant number of coffee beans than others.


The convenience of commuting is one of the essential factors that make the machine quite expensive. The miniature models and manageable weight of the espresso machine will enable you to take it away if you want to move it frequently with ease. 

Smooth Vibratory Sound

While other coffee makers can affect your quiet morning with their annoying noise while grinding coffee beans, espresso machines always complete their mission. The espresso machine is silent and makes less noise. The only noise you might hear from them is the gurgling of your coffee as they complete the brewing process. In contrast, traditional coffee machines have greater loudness than espresso ones because they are equipped with loose machine parts. In the long run, they become old and out of order. 

Some other parts of the machine, such as copper wiring, push-turn button, or bean hopper, contribute to the money you have to pay for using it. Coffee industry enterprises don’t tend to rip off their coffee purists because high-end espresso machines are costly.

Legal Documents 

When coffee enthusiasts buy an espresso machine, the machine will operate at high pressure and temperatures and produce a volume of coffee in a short time. Coffee customers expect there are relevant certifications for the device to avoid serious accidents or manufacturing errors. Therefore, businesses must have several certificated documents of the machine before marketing their products to end users. Available certifications will change the price dramatically. Some certifications include UL and NSF, the organizations that test the safety of products as advertised by the manufacturer. They pay an additional fee to continue selling the products and using UL and NSF certifications with their brand name. 

Storage And Maintenance Cost

Unlike other coffee machines, espresso machines are equipped with manually assembled parts. Companies need to build more giant warehouses if there is any shortage of materials installed emergently or repair services. This will create the requirement to hire skilled workers due to the product’s price increase. 

So, In The End, Are Espresso Machines Cheap Or Expensive?

There is a term: “You get what you pay for”. That means the money you spend to buy a cheap machine that malfunctions after months or a year can be invested in a high-quality espresso machine in the long term. If you are an espresso coffee lover, put money down and purchase a quality machine. Is it worth it?

However, you do not need to own an overly expensive machine. Whether an espresso machine is worth it or not depends on your interest in taste and budget. Suppose you use it substantially and have an incredible craving for taste and high-tech features. In that case, you will opt for more expensive machines. 


Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive? That espresso machines are so expensive is quite reasonable because they give high-quality components to customers through extensive research and branding. Therefore, espresso machines bring a premium taste and save time during preparation. However, you do not need to buy the most expensive machine. With its design and quality, you should save money and find an aimed device for your kitchen. Suppose anyone throws a question at you, “why are espresso machines so expensive” you will be confident to show all the above reasons and confirm that it is worth investing in an espresso machine. 

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