What Color Is Espresso? – A Funny Mystery

Every one of you has undoubtedly tried coffee in any form, from a drip cup of coffee to a shot of espresso. The brewing process accounts for espresso’s uniqueness that cannot be found in regular coffee. Different brewing methods result in different flavors and textures. How about color? What color is espresso? Some coffee lovers also give the wrong answer, as they do not pay much attention to the actual color but its flavor instead. At first glance, they can conclude that espresso is black, but it is brown. This article will give a detailed answer to this question.

What Is Espresso?

As I have mentioned, espresso is another coffee made from the same coffee beans as regular coffee but is more suitable for small and quick servings. It was first introduced in Italy – home to various gorgeous types of coffee – in the early 1930s. With time, espresso quickly became the world’s popularized beverage thanks to its convenience. 

Espresso is a drink and a unique culture found among Italians. If you can travel to Italy, order a cup of coffee in any cafe to see if it is similar to your country’s. In most circumstances, you will receive a shot of espresso instead of a regular cup of coffee, and of course, that would be a fascinating experience!

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How To Make A Decent Shot Of Espresso?

Making a decent cup of espresso is not too complicated. It can be regarded as a recreational activity to start your new day or a gift for yourself at the end of a hard working day. Both can be; just get started!

First, you have to prepare some ingredients:

1/2 cup ground coffee (French or another dark roast)

1-1/2 cups cold water.

Lemon twists (optional).

An indispensable thing to brew espresso is an espresso machine, just because brewing espresso requires pressure. You need to spend 30 seconds or less getting your espresso with an engine. There are different kinds of devices on sale for you to choose from. You can consider them as long as they suit your needs and budget. A portable machine best suits you if you intend to drink while camping or working.

Not too much necessary for a shot of espresso, you see. Having said that, bear in mind to select ingredients carefully if you do not want to have a decent result. Remember to choose dark roasted beans and grind them finely before allowing hot water to go through them. This will help eliminate acidity and ensure that hot water can be exposed to the coffee altogether. Another note is that pure water is necessary for the desired result.

The rest relies on the machine, so let it finish your drink easily and quickly. At home, special espresso shots can be considered with an espresso machine, which allows pressurized hot water to go through ground coffee beans, resulting in a desired concentrated liquid for your family.

Common Misconceptions About The Exact Color Of Espresso

The word “espresso” is borrowed from its hometown – Italy. In Italian, “espresso” means express, which implies that the coffee can be served to the customers immediately. Indeed, it is a quick drink but leaves an impressive aftertaste for people to start their day with positive energy. We can easily catch a person in a hurry with a shot of espresso, so we are not seriously aware of what color espresso is.

When asked about this issue, most answers received were black. However, espresso is not black. The reason so many people regard it as black is also understandable: the exact color is only detected under direct lighting. Moreover, the difference between Coffee and Espresso is the original history of Coffee and Espresso are from Robusta and Arabica beans.

What Color Is Espresso?

When placed under direct lighting, we can easily make out the color of espresso: dark brown. In other words, it is a combination between dark and brown. Of course, the color we discuss belongs to authentic espresso, not espresso mixed with milk.

As mentioned above, espresso is typically made from dark roasted beans, a coffee bean roasted longer than the others. Therefore, its color is darker and bolder than medium or lightly roasted beans. However, it is not black, but brown, dark brown.

Is this color different from the color of coffee? Of course, coffee is black rather than a little brown, like espresso. This character also contributes to the difference between espresso and regular coffee and accounts for espresso’s bitter and intense flavor.

The Color Of “Crema”

Not only one but a cup of espresso consists of two layers. Besides the dark brown fluid, there is a foam layer on top of the cup. It is called “crema”, a unique taste of espresso.

This “crema” is carbon dioxide (CO2) surrounded by oil and water from the coffee bean. During the extraction stage, high pressure is needed, leaving a light-colored layer called “crema” on top of brewed espresso.

Unlike the fluid, the crema on top is light-colored or light brown. However, in certain circumstances, it has different colors. The color variation also reflects the quality of your espresso, the beans used, or how you extract them. Too light crema means you may have under-extracted your espresso; too dark can either result from over-extraction or using a darker roast.

Espresso Color In Furniture

Regarding household furniture, espresso color is among the most favored colors used to decorate houses. Thanks to its rich depth, espresso-colored household furniture makes the home cozy and elegant for a harmonious atmosphere. People’s preference for this comfortable dark-brown color also belongs to its combination of traditional and modern vibes. Using espresso color as the leading tone to do up your house, thinking of suitable items which go well with your chosen color will no longer be rocket science!

There is a fact that a cafe with nostalgic espresso-colored items is more to do with attracting our attention than those with other decoration tones. When being asked about this issue, most customers might say that they can feel at ease when seeing this color and enjoying the aroma of roasted coffee at the same time. This really makes them impressive!


What color is espresso? A simple question, but to determine the answer, you must know about this drink and correctly detect it. Unlike most people’s thoughts, espresso is dark brown when seen under direct lighting. The bitter crema on top is lighter and can tell you how well your espresso was brewed. Getting to know the exact color of espresso may not sound really appealing to people in modern society; however, it certainly makes you stand out in a discussion associated with coffee. Having noted those above, let’s make an espresso shot at detecting this drink’s natural dark brown color!

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