Is Espresso Bad For You? – Full Answers

The reputation of the espresso is no longer unfamiliar to coffee drinkers. You can see its name in every coffee store, from unknown brands to famous ones. However, have you ever questioned if this beverage will benefit you or not? In other words, is espresso bad for you? This article will shed light on your doubt with a 50-50 answer, as the impact of espresso will mostly depend on the customers themselves.

Perks Of Drinking Espresso

Before reading, we should know what espresso is. It is a full-flavored, concentrated coffee created using an espresso machine to pressurize heating water through exceptionally finely ground coffee beans. The first factor you may want to consider is how having a daily cup of espresso may benefit you. Shall we discover how you might take advantage of it?

Eradicate The Possibilities Of Sudden Death

Espresso has always accompanied people to boost productivity when they feel a little bit light-headed or just a drink for fun as a part of their daily routine. It would be peculiar if someone denied that fact, but what is kept hidden from us is how consuming espresso can also help prevent untimely death. It is widely acknowledged that several health issues can bring you to the verge of dying without you knowing beforehand. Fortunately, among all the preparation you could do to get rid of these risks, numerous studies have proved that your favorite espresso can be of help.

Limit Perils Of Particular Cancer Issues

Information revolving around cancer is no longer unfamiliar to us in modern society. Nevertheless, have you ever thought that a small cup of espresso can also become a warrior in the fight against certain types of cancer? It would astonish you to recognize that many parts of our bodies may take advantage of our espresso consumption. For instance, liver cancer might be a notable example. In 2007, American research revealed that an uninterrupted but moderate coffee-drinking habit could contribute to your efforts to avoid liver-related problems. The same way that actives within coffee work as anti-cancer factors also applies to breast, brain, bone, and many other body parts. Whether you are male or female is unimportant; nothing will alter this trait of espresso.

Avoid The Chances Of Depression.

Unbeknown to some of us, espresso has been proven to give rise to brain-related chemicals named norepinephrine together with dopamine. Both will be responsible for stimulating a euphoric mood for the drinker. The level of adenosine, which works the reverse way, will also experience a surprising decrease with the intake of espresso. Are you feeling exhausted, therefore, need a significant boost in energy to resolve all of your upcoming tasks? Many of you will take a cup of steaming espresso as the best candidate for this case. There is a fact that the average caffeine contained in one ounce of espresso is approximately 60 mg, which is nearly fivefold that of usual coffee. With that much caffeine, you may already understand why it gives you such a kick every time you drink it. Your depressive episodes, as I have already explained, can be “kicked away” as well.

Facilitate Age Suppression

Aging has always been a natural and unstoppable phase of human life. However, we know plenty of methods to slow that process down even a little bit. Antioxidants are the most called-out names as the perfect component for the age suppression process since they can control free radicals, which may cause harm to our cells. Suppose you yearn to discover more about their impacts; searching online would help. Besides, the names may be repetitive, but the level of antioxidants is unalike among different kinds of coffee.

A Daily Boost Of Energy

Adrenaline has always uplifted our energy for the day, especially when you look like a walking zombie at the crack of dawn. You may not choose to believe what I am saying, but the easiest way to take it in is through a sip of espresso. The period each person has to wait until they feel the kick from espresso might be dissimilar. However, there is little chance that drinking espresso makes you feel nothing after a while. This way of energizing yourself can also prove its efficiency in working out sessions and working or studying tasks.

Diminish The Amount Of Fat

Is it your habit to use milk-related additions when ordering a cup of espresso? If you nod to this question, I am sorry to announce that you have lost grip of a beautiful opportunity to cut weight. Throughout a long journey of achieving a fit and healthy body, there must be numerous times when you desperately yearn for mid-day snacks or small treats when you are stressed out. That behavior can end with the support of espresso since this kind of coffee contains some chemical components that can stabilize the sugar level in your blood. In other words, blood sugar bears the responsibility for your unwanted cravings.

Support Long-Term Memory

Once you have successfully built a routine of consuming espresso decently, you may not have to worry about brain-related problems anymore. A caffeinated beverage can not wholly cure neurological issues. However, it can be a valuable asset to prevent the possibility of you getting a brain disease. If you feel concerned by some of the most common neurological hazards such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or dementia, remember that taking a daily espresso can save you from them. It is undeniable that the mentioned characteristic does not solely apply to the case of espresso but to every kind of coffee. Nevertheless, you can best use espresso in light of the amount of caffeine in it.

Prevent Liver Diseases

The liver is indeed one of the most vital organs of the human body. Are you intrigued by the fact that espresso can also give a hand in protecting this part? Many researchers have pointed out that a decent amount of espresso may reduce the risks of facing liver trauma. However, drinking too much daily might backfire on the drinkers in this aspect.

Get Rid Of Type-2 Diabetes.

What if you have no liver, brain, or cancer issues? What if you are having certain troubles with diabetes and therefore need a way out? Although scientists have not revealed any particular study, it is strongly believed that daily espresso consumption can be of use during your fight against type-2 diabetes. Sounds good as it may, you must also mind the accelerating blood sugar content from drinking espresso.

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Drawbacks Of Drinking Espresso

Evaluating both sides of this coffee is crucial after going through all the advantages that espresso may bring. In detail, there are four common downsides you may come across. 

Develop Addiction

You can get addicted to numerous things, including espresso, supposing you fail to keep a moderate daily drinking routine. No addiction can provide any merits, mainly if you depend too much on your morning cup of coffee. If taking a day away from your espresso cup makes you feel unmotivated and restless, you may want to adjust your drinking habit gradually. Once your body gets used to the kick of espresso, its natural ability to gather energy will be negatively influenced. 

Increase Level Of Blood Sugar

Espresso can accelerate your blood sugar level and help you eliminate undesired unhealthy cravings. Nevertheless, an excessive amount of this coffee may give your blood sugar an unwanted high rise due to hormonal changes. Many researchers have revealed that under 500 milligrams are the recommended maximal caffeine intake for a grownup. Besides, a valuable piece of advice is that you should notice your bodily reactions since that maximal value can be different among people.

Endanger Pregnant Women

We all know that pregnancy comes as a miracle for humans. However, it also requires many restrictions in aspects of food and beverage. Pregnant women will receive a prescription from their doctors when they go for monthly check-ups at the hospital. Not surprisingly, coffee will usually be there on the limitation lists. The caffeine content of espresso is considered high among other kinds of coffee, which may facilitate miscarriages. The main reason is that, unlike its mother, the fetus cannot digest the chemicals within a shot of espresso. Caffeine might contaminate the baby’s blood and jeopardize its life. 

Accelerate Cholesterol Levels

If you already have issues with high cholesterol levels in your blood, make sure to keep track of the espresso level that you consume every day. Cafestol is the main motive behind why coffee heads might see their cholesterol content skyrocketing after a while. Unfortunately, espresso does contain a considerable amount of cafestol, which may indirectly impact bodily cholesterol regulation. You can meet great danger if you ignore this fact.

Have Difficulties Sleeping

Espresso is a great companion when we want to wake ourselves up and have a productive day. However, it can be counter-productive when trying to have a good nap. Timing has become important when you want to consume espresso. As a result, you may want to drink it way ahead of your nap time if you wish to have no interference with your sleeping schedule. The restless sensation from taking a shot of espresso in the late afternoon can exhaust you the following day.

When Will It Be Bad For You?

Consume Way Too Much

Are you feeling light-headed with your hands trembling nonstop? Experts might explain this condition with the term espresso intoxication. In detail, consuming a large amount of espresso within a short period can overwhelm your body system. Your body might react to excessive caffeine by showing sleeplessness, shivers, and repeated irritation.


The article did discuss how the high level of caffeine within a shot of espresso can negatively affect your fetus. Are you seeking an energy boost after nights of not sleeping well, a common situation among women expecting? Then, you must bear in mind the required amount of caffeine during pregnancy, which is available online. If you take in more than that, you are putting your and your baby’s lives at high risk.

Existed Digestive Issues

Acid is the main component that aids the usual working process of our stomach. Without it, you will feel relatively bloated since there is insufficient acid to digest your food and drink. Awful news for espresso lovers is that if you have existing digestive troubles, it is ill-advised to drink espresso because of its high caffeine level. Once you ignore this caution, the sense of discomfort may kick in extremely harshly in seconds. An alternative way you can consider is drip coffee, the original kind of coffee.

Anxiety Disorder

I am confident that you can imagine what your brain would be like once it is given way too much energy. Your brain and whole body will perform at full speed, won’t they? For those with anxiety issues who always want to slow down, that situation could be dangerous and uncomfortable. There exists a limitation of 1000 milligrams of caffeine per day for nervous-wrecked people. However, no matter which clinic or hospital you visit, numerous doctors will give the same advice about decaffeinated beverages for patients with anxiety.

How To Drink Espresso In The Right Way?

Acknowledge Your Caffeine Tolerance

Every cup of espresso contains nearly the same amount of chemicals, notably caffeine. In contrast, espresso influences the body dissimilarly among different drinkers. Your sensitivity to caffeine can primarily dictate how much espresso you can take daily. However, that process might take a few tries to decide. The worst aftermath of consuming espresso can come for you if you are ignorant of the level of caffeine that you can suffer. 

Mind Your Cholesterol Level

Components produced within a cup of espresso can indirectly affect the cholesterol content of your body. Before deciding how much espresso you can take in a day, it is suggested that you do a check-up on your current cholesterol amount. Suppose you are affluent enough; you can purchase a machine to measure your cholesterol level to adjust your coffee habit better.

The One-Shot Rule

You will infuriate espresso enthusiasts if you take big sips of several espresso cups in a short duration. Espresso is born for slow enjoyment and is the only way you can enjoy it without discomfort. Letting your body gradually adjust to the caffeine is vital and helps them dissolve better.

Is Espresso Good For People With Diabetes?

A moderate level of espresso can help strengthen the bodily shield against diabetes. Nevertheless, we shall not forget that too much espresso can skyrocket your blood sugar level. The key lies in how decent your espresso routine is.

How Much Is Espresso Safe For Pregnant Women?

200 milligrams is the maximum amount of caffeine pregnant women can get in touch with within a day. Despite this figure, it would be more advisable for females who are expecting to curb the habit of coffee drinking. Once you can control your espresso craving, you can protect your and your baby’s well-being.


It would be a shame for the coffee lovers community to remove espresso from the favorite list if we only focus on the adverse effects of this coffee. When the customers have become fully aware of how beneficial espresso can be under strict regulation, they might even develop a crush on it. So the next time someone asks, “is espresso bad for you?” you can say, “Not really.”. A piece of advice for you is that you must know how your body might react to espresso and its chemical content before coming up with a daily drinking routine.

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