Is Blonde Espresso Stronger? What Is Blonde Espresso?

If you are familiar with caffeinated beverages, you must have heard at least once about the blonde Espresso that has recently gained immense popularity. However, its reputation also raised many questions among coffee heads about some less-known facts about this kind of Espresso. One particular issue that people usually wonder about is whether blonde Espresso is stronger. The answer is a nod for yes, and this article will give you a more thorough understanding of why.

What Is A Blonde Espresso?

First of all, before getting to know deeper about its strength, it would be a brilliant idea for you to get an initial idea of what blonde Espresso is. A trivial historical fact is that blonde Espresso first appeared on the market in 2017. Besides, just by glancing at the name of this coffee, you can immediately guess its appearance. Instead of regular dark-toned coffee beans, the baristas will use beans that are not as intensely roasted to make a cup of blonde Espresso. That choice is what leads to its defining light color. Regarding how a trendy name can attract attention from customers, the phrase “Blonde Espresso” has done its job well in gaining a certain rank among coffee addicts.

However, you would feel astonished to know that this is not the original name that people have named this coffee. Interestingly, there have been some terms such as “Cinnamon Roast”, “Light Roast”, or “Half City Roast,” which have been applied to this Espresso based on how it looks in our eyes. These names, unfortunately, proved to be relatively inefficient when it comes to marketing. As a result, “Blonde Espresso” is the only identification that has been widely recognized as trendy and fun to the ears.

An Insight Into Blonde Espresso

Where Does It Originate?

You must have seen advertisements about blonde Espresso at least once and how it has gradually become the highlighted beverage of Starbucks. Reliable resources from the Internet have mentioned that Latin America and the Asia Pacific region are the birthplaces of lightly roasted coffee beans. In detail, these two areas’ specific geographical and climatic features are the determinants of blonde Espresso’s uniqueness, even before the roasting procedure begins.

How Is It Made?

The key ingredients are light-bodied and roasted coffee beans. Only the ones grown and harvested from Latin America and East Africa could create the signature color together with the iconic flavor of blonde Espresso. The common darker coffee beans also come from these two areas. However, the geographical range can be much more comprehensive than in the East. Furthermore, the establishing process is nothing extraordinary with boiled water at high atmospheric tension, which is later shot through the grounded coffee beans. One thing you may want to bear is that the time it takes to roast the coffee beans is shorter than usual.

How Does It Taste?

Here is a small secret you may want to know about the taste of this Blonde line of Espresso. Apart from bitterness and sweet, creamy notes, your mouth can also detect a bit of citrus flavor, like lemon or orange, when you take the first sip of your cup of coffee. If you pay enough attention to the aftertaste, you can quickly notice a faint caramel feeling. Specifically, the soulmates of blonde Espresso are any additions with milky or cream-like flavors you possess. Moreover, it would be best to keep it at a reasonable temperature, or it could become an espresso that tastes burnt.

How is it usually served?

You may feel relieved to acknowledge that there are hardly any limitations to serving a blonde espresso. However, you can make the ideal espresso cup by pairing it with cream-related ingredients to balance the citrus taste and the coffee’s bold flavor. The baristas might not judge and consider you strange if you prefer experiencing the pure sensation of blonde Espresso. Nevertheless, they will always recommend using milky additions to level up the taste, especially if you are a beginner who has first tried blonde Espresso. In addition, you should drink a cup of Blond espresso that wake you up in the morning to feel its full flavor.

Ratings Of Dissimilarities In Strength

After all the initial details about blonde Espresso, it is high time we clarified how powerful it tastes compared to other kinds of coffee on the market nowadays. Do you doubt whether it is genuinely the champion concerning strength or not?

It is widely known that the staff of coffee stores have a general rule for how much the baristas should put coffee of each type into a cup. For Espresso only, one oz is the standard amount. Black coffee contains 7.5 to 25 mg of caffeine content within 1 oz. In comparison, the original Espresso contains 64 to 75 mg in the same portion. Notably, the most convincing explanation for why blonde Espresso is the strongest among the three is that a shot of blonde Espresso holds up to 85 mg of caffeine. Exact statistics like this might be more factual than just hearing people say that they feel more of a “kick” when it comes to blonde Espresso.

However, it is vital to remember that blonde Espresso is still inferior to dark roast. It takes great courage to develop a preference for the latter kind of coffee from the first time trying it out.

What May Influence Its Strength?

The Choices Of Coffee Beans

How powerful a coffee can taste has a deep connection with the surroundings of where the coffee plants are nurtured. To be more specific, climatic and environmental characteristics are highly responsible for the level of caffeine in it. As the amount of nitrogen can be a serious matter, the farmers may want to consider this. This trait also elucidates why I mentioned that coffee makers should choose only Latin American and East African coffee beans during the manufacturing process of blonde Espresso. 

Substituting Weight With Volume

It is a piece of cake for nearly everyone to understand that under the impact of a random heating process, the liquid will transform into vapors. This natural order applies to when coffee beans are roasted. It is also a matter of fact that this feature will affect how heavy the mass of coffee beans is after coming out of the roasting machine. Blonde Espresso uses coffee beans that are processed under heat in a relatively shorter time. Therefore, the blonde roasts will be lighter if you carefully measure and compare these two. With this fact in mind, you can see how the baristas can caffeinate blonde Espresso more when weight is no longer in use but in volume. During an espresso shot, it is up to the drinkers to adjust the strength of their Espresso by doing the activities mentioned earlier.

Which Brewing Method Is Used?

Suppose you are seeking a brewing way to produce the highest level of caffeine. The French press will be the most promising candidate since 80 to 100 mg of caffeine can be extracted into a 4-oz coffee cup. The second candidate is the drip coffee method, with which you can expect 60 to 100 mg of caffeine for a milder taste in your mouth. Ultimately, espresso machines can be the best companions of beginner coffee heads as they only extract 30 to 50 mg of caffeine in one cup.


Q: How Much Caffeine Is In Blonde Espresso?

A: Considering a regular cup of blonde Espresso, 170 mg of caffeine would be the most accurate figure.

Q: Where Can You Buy The Best Blonde Espresso?

A: For the best experience, I proudly declare that you can find no better place than Starbucks than the blonde Espresso with a pure taste.

Q: Does Blonde Espresso Have The Most Caffeine?

A: It does contain a higher amount of caffeine than typical Espresso, but it still can not compare to dark roast.


Blonde Espresso is your best option for those who devour a coffee with a complex taste, mild yet still caffeinated enough to keep your brain motivated. Its strength has confused many coffee heads, and you can only determine that after trying the coffee. Suppose anyone asks you, “Is blonde espresso stronger?” the final answer is that it is more potent than usual coffee. Are you ready to add a new, refreshing Espresso to your daily coffee list?

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