How To Make Espresso Martini Foamy? – Guiding Post

Various combinations and different brewing processes of the same ingredients can result in many flavored drinks. Just some coffee beans as the main elements can be mixed and brewed in different ways, turning into many types of drinks popular among coffee lovers. Among those, an espresso martini is indispensably recommended whenever going to a cafe. The brown foam on top of an espresso martini is perhaps the most attractive part, but you do not know how to do it correctly. Keep reading those things below to learn how to make espresso martini foamy!

What Is Espresso?

Firstly, we need to find the main ingredient of the espresso martini – espresso – as mentioned in its name.

Espresso derived from Italy in the 1930s when using a steam-pressure method to brew coffee was introduced and gradually developed into a world-class popular beverage. The brew method separates espresso and regular coffee, which forces hot water to go through finely-ground coffee beans in 30 seconds or less. For nearly one hundred years, espresso has proved its uniqueness and become the world’s must-drink.

What Is Espresso Martini?

Having basic espresso knowledge, getting to know espresso martini becomes easier. According to Wikipedia, an espresso martini is a cold, caffeinated alcoholic drink, or it is an espresso-based drink in other words. 

The idea of a glass of espresso martini dates back to the late 1980s in Fred’s Club in London, England. Dick Bradsell is the person who came up with the recipe when serving a lady by chance. 

What Gives Espresso Martini The Foam?

Usually, when you give a cup of coffee a hard shake, there will be bubbles floating on the surface of the coffee. Recently, people have paid attention to Dalgona coffee when experiencing lockdown because of Covid-19. This drink is made by whipping black coffee with sugar and boiled water, resulting in a creamy condensed coffee-flavored topping added to cold milk. As you understand, beating black coffee hard enough will give you a coffee foam instead of some bubbles.

What gives espresso martini the foam is the same, but not entirely. Rather than using a low-wattage machine, you need a cocktail shaker to make a frothy espresso martini.

Suppose you have a chance to see how bartenders in bars make a foamy espresso martini. In that case, you can make out the process efficiently and make yourself one. Make sure that you shake, shake and shake hard enough to let the oil from the coffee beans and air bubbles combine, leaving a natural foam on top when serving in a glass.

How To Get A Frothy Espresso Martini?

I will give you information about the ingredients first. Four main parts constitute a glass of espresso martini:

  • Vodka (40 milliliters).
  • Coffee liqueur (20 milliliters).
  • Sugar syrup (15 milliliters).
  • Espresso coffee (30 milliliters).

To coffee lovers interested in making coffee at home with the assistance of machines, these ingredients are indeed nothing strange. Do not think they can be chosen without considering and selecting. A deliciously balanced espresso martini only needs two couples of ingredients, so, understandably, very small changes in the elements can make a huge difference. 

For vodka, any vodka will do; just bear in mind your preference when choosing.

Use a rich sugar syrup with two parts sugar and one part water if you prefer a gentle sweetness. 

Regarding espresso used, to make a perfect espresso martini with a satisfying foam on top, you need to make out how vital espresso is. Remember to use freshly brewed espresso instead of instant coffee or something like that. The newer the espresso is, the more perfect and natural the foam will be. The reason is that espresso does not contain much water and has a crema layer on top, which plays a significant role in forming the espresso martini’s froth.

Last but not least, ice cubes also significantly influence the quality of the outcome. According to bartenders’ advice, large ice cubes are preferred, which can be frozen in a household refrigerator or purchased at the nearest local grocery.

After carefully preparing, let’s follow a bartender’s guide to make a stable foam on your espresso martini. 

The very first step is cooling the glass. As you know, an espresso martini is a cold, caffeinated drink. It is espresso that makes espresso martini caffeinated; what about the cold? The answer is undoubtedly easy to guess: ice cube; you just need to fill the glass with ice.

Then, the second step is pouring all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, and the remaining thing to do is put all in your shaker. All you need to do is to shake the mixture hard and strongly with ice cubes put in place at the beginning. After shaking, remove the ice in the glass and strain the espresso martini into that chilled glass. A stable, perfectly delicious foam can hold three beans, as usually put on to decorate the drink.

The outcome would deserve your effort. A perfect frothy espresso martini has a brown foam with a creamy and thick texture on top of the liquid.

Is There Any Tip For Me To Make Espresso Martini At Home?

Of course, yes. If you have tried making your espresso martini foamy in vain, reread the pre-mentioned instructions and take notes of some useful tips below:

  • Use freshly brewed espresso – the espresso which has just been brewed, preferably by an espresso machine.
  • Add a shot of condensed espresso with very little water to increase the taste. Remember to limit the amount of water used as much as possible.
  • Put a half teaspoon of aquafaba into the espresso martini if you cannot make the foam obvious. 


How Many Calories Does A Glass Of Espresso Martini Contain?

A glass of espresso martini contains 246 calories.

How Long Does An Espresso Martini Last?

You can store an espresso martini in the fridge for up to half a day. However, we highly recommend a fresh shot of espresso martini. Besides, you can know how long the espresso lasts and understand most of your pick-up beverages.

When Should I Have An Espresso Martini During The Day?

These Attachments are of your liking. You can have shots of espresso martini at any time of the day, even before or after having dinner, because it cannot keep you awake all night.

How Does Espresso Martini Taste?

Its flavor combines sweet and bitter tastes, sweet from the sugar syrup and bitter from the espresso coffee. 

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What About The Amount Of Caffeine?

An espresso martini contains 63 mg of caffeine on average.


How to make espresso martini foamy? This question is commonly asked when people want to make their homemade espresso martini as frothy as being made by professional bartenders. With the help of this informative article, a homemade espresso martini with satisfying foam on top is not too complicated for you to make. You can call for a glass of available perfect espresso martini in a bar, but making yourself one is far more fascinating! Consistency is the key to every success, so keep in mind the valuable information provided in the article.

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