How To Make Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso – Detailed Steps

If you’re into brown sugar oat milk shaken Espresso, you’re probably wondering if there’s an easy way to make it at home. This drink is a simple combination of Espresso, brown sugar syrup, and oat milk. In this article, we will show you how to make brown sugar oat milk shaken Espresso, you might like this imitation version, and you can follow it to make it at home. This version has a simple recipe; you shake the mixture in just a few minutes for a delicious drink in the morning or an afternoon snack.

What’s A Shanken Espresso?

Espresso shake is a mixture of hand-shaken Espresso with buttermilk or margarine and flavorings until foam appears. Compared to coffee, Espresso has a stronger flavor and thicker consistency. Finely ground beans are used to make it, and a high grounds-to-water ratio is used during the high-pressure brewing process. Because of this, an espresso shot creates the ideal foundation for iced or blended coffee drinks. Instead of reducing the strong flavor of the Espresso, the other components balance it.

Some people wonder if I can replace the Espresso in the recipe with coffee, and the answer is yes. However, we still recommend using Espresso to bring out the full flavor.

A significant difference between Espresso and regular coffee is that Espresso is the perfect ingredient for iced coffees or coffee blends because it has a stronger and richer flavor than coffee. Of course, the coffee will be blander than the Espresso, which tends to have a milder flavor. Moreover, if you want to taste the best of espresso, you should learn how to drink espresso.

However, suppose you can’t make an effort to get an espresso machine at home, you can refer to the following two ways:

  • Use your home coffee maker to make a very well-brewed cup of coffee.
  • Use espresso powder to make Espresso.

Main Ingredients

Oat Milk 

There are many good oat kinds of milk on the market today, and Starbucks is using Swedish oat milk called Oatly; you can refer to this product. This drink doesn’t need any frothing, so you can use any oat milk, even if it’s homemade. Oat milk is an indispensable ingredient in this drink. Can you substitute another type of milk? This recipe’s fantastic feature is that it can be made with any milk. Use cow’s milk or any other non-dairy milk if you’d like.


To get an espresso shot that tastes precisely like the real thing, use Starbucks Blonde Espresso. Espresso coffee plays a vital role in determining the taste of the drink. It is highly recommended over regular coffee.

Brown Sugar

We use this sugar to make syrup; however, you can use dark or light brown sugar instead. But dark brown sugar will give a better taste than that. Because affiliated sugar does not give a nice color or even a horrible taste, you should not use it as a substitute.

Vanilla Extract

Some people use vanilla extract in their formulas, while others don’t. However, we highly recommend this ingredient as it compliments all the other flavors well.

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How To Make Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso?

Make Brown Sugar Syrup 

Mix brown sugar and water in equal proportions in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and stir until the brown sugar is completely dissolved. After boiling, let the mixture simmer for 5 minutes. Moreover, you can add vanilla extract and cinnamon to enhance the taste, but if you don’t have one, you can skip it. It’s done after five minutes; you can put the syrup in a glass jar after you are sure it has cooled, then store it in the fridge. As I said above, dark brown sugar will give this recipe even more flavor.

You can also try another way to make the syrup. Mix brown sugar, vanilla extract, and cinnamon directly in hot water. If the brown sugar can’t dissolve completely, microwave it for about 30 seconds.

Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso 

Making this drink is quite simple when you have prepared all the ingredients and have enough tools.

Step 1:

Collect all the ingredients which you have prepared.

Step 2:

In a small cocktail shaker, or you can use any glass jar with a tight-fitting lid, add the brewed Espresso with brown sugar and cinnamon (if available).

Step 3:

Stir brown sugar in warm Espresso until it completely dissolves.

Step 4:

Fill 1/2 cup of ice into a cocktail shaker. Close the lid tightly and continue shaking.

Step 5:

Fill the glass with the remaining ice.

Step 6:

Pour the shaken espresso mixture into the iced glass.

Step 7:

Pour cold oat milk on top. Now you can freely decorate your water cup or add toppings. 

Serving And Storing

You should enjoy the drink immediately after making it, and don’t leave it for too long. As for the syrup, you can store it in the refrigerator and use it for two weeks for other purposes.


Can I use cold brew or regular brewed coffee?

Because Espresso is stronger and more concentrated than other varieties of coffee, you can change the amount, add a bit extra, or swap it 1:1 (2 shots of Espresso are 60-80ml).

What flavor does iced Espresso have?

Iced Espresso tastes much like iced coffee but is stronger and more potent. On the other hand, a standard iced espresso is chilled by ice rather than diluted by syrup or milk. Espresso frequently has a strong, dark, and caramelly flavor when consumed before the ice melts. The taste of sweetened iced Espresso is remarkably similar to that of regular iced coffee, mainly due to the syrup obscuring the Espresso’s flavor. The little aftertaste of the Espresso is the only discernible distinction between an iced coffee and an iced espresso.

How many espresso shots are in a shaken brown sugar oat milk?

Depending on the size, there are normally 2-4 shots of Espresso. There are two espresso shots in a tall (12 oz), three in a grande (16 oz), and four in a venti (20 fl oz).


We have shown you how to make brown sugar oat milk shaken Espresso, which is probably an ideal choice for many people. Making your own now is becoming easier with some easy-to-find ingredients. Some notes have been mentioned in this article; we hope you will succeed in enjoying a fantastic cup of water in the energetic morning.

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