How To Make A Shaken Espresso

Have you ever drunk shaken espresso? Are you a coffee lover? Do you curious about how to make a shaken espresso? It may be easier than you think. For the hot weather, shaken espresso is perfect for everyone. It just takes only 5 minutes with Ice, espresso, syrup, and milk on the top. This drink is chilled and easy to prepare at home. Let’s jump in and find out the recipe for a shaken espresso.

What Does A Shaken Espresso Look Like?

For coffee lovers, shaken espresso does not seem so strange. But for those who are not, it is curious to know what shaken espresso looks like. It is still a cup of caffeine and brings us awakening in work and school. For the hot weather, especially in the tropical climate, shaken espresso is a chill, sweet drink for cooling the summer. Shaken espresso contains espresso, of course, syrup, and Ice for shaking and making a chill espresso; on top of the shaken espresso is milk. It carries a strong espresso flavor. With milk, it becomes easy to enjoy because of the balance in flavor. Furthermore, if you want to try other shaken beverages, you could learn how to make brown sugar shaken espresso.

Ingredients For An Iced Espresso

After listening to the description of a shaken espresso, have you wanted to try it already? Or have you wanted to try to make your iced espresso at home? It is not very difficult. Here are some ingredients that you need to prepare for a shaken espresso.


For the coffee layer, you can use a dark coffee roast of any kind for the espresso layers. Brew it or prepare it with an espresso machine. With the help of the device, making an espresso is easy to peasy.

How To Create Your Own Jar Of Syrup At Home?

Syrup or simple syrup is a crucial ingredient for making a shaken espresso. So how to prepare it at home? Is it a complex step? You might be surprised by the answer because it is not that difficult. You can easily save yourself a jar of syrup at home.

Moreover, you can prepare more simple syrup to use in any drink. The simple syrup contains liquid sugar. This liquid is made by dissolving sugar with water, and it will become a concentrated liquid.


To make a shaken espresso, you might prepare milk to accomplish this drink. So what kind of milk that you use? The answer is that you can get any milk you want, but the best milk for this shaken espresso is whole milk. You can adjust if you are vegetarian or not familiar with dairy products. It leads to the fact that you will enjoy it well in choosing the best milk for your shaken espresso.

Kitchen Tools You May Need

To make a shaken espresso, you can make it without espresso. It will be convenient if you have an espresso machine. It will make your coffee layer become better. Then you need to prepare a measuring spoon for measuring sugar liquid making. Then a cocktail shaker is to shake all the necessary ingredients together. And especially, you might need crystal glass to see your work.

Besides espresso, simple syrup, milk, and necessary tools for making shaken espresso, you can not forget ice cubes—part of ice cubes for the step shaking and the large one for pouring into the glass. Moreover, you can prepare some vanilla syrup to make your espresso glass richer in flavor. Now you know how to make a shaken espresso in your home sweet home.

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Is It Easy To Prepare An Iced Shaken Espresso At Home?

To prepare a shaken espresso at home, you should first prepare all the ingredients. Then let’s do it with the instruction below.

Instruction Note

  • Brew your coffee first, and you can use espresso, strong coffee by the espresso machine, or your favorite way.
  • Make a simple syrup. The recipe is easy: one cup of sugar and one cup of water. Heat it, then regulate it to be lower temperature when it starts to dissolve. Let it cool down, and pour it into any jar. You use it for other drinks besides shaken espresso. This liquid can be used for at least four weeks.
  • Then add ice cubes for the shaking step. Prepare the shaker, put Ice on it, pour the espresso or strong coffee that you have prepared first, then add the simple syrup. In this step, you can add vanilla for your espresso becomes better.
  • Close the lid and shake all the mixture. After shaking, pour it into the crystal glass or a transparent one so that you can look through your drink. Then add milk. It is the last step for a perfect shaken espresso at home. Notes that if you do not like whole milk, replace it with soy or pat milk instead.
  • You can add foam from milk on top of your shaken espresso or Ice to make it more relaxed for the summer.

Iced Cubes For Shaken Espresso

As mentioned before, we have to use two different ice cubes to make shaken espresso. Ice cube is for shaking step. The giant ice cubes make more time to melt, which is appropriate for shaking steps. It takes more time to melt so that there will be less water down.

Cold Foam – How To Make It?

There are lots of variations in making shaken espresso. Some people enjoy this shaken espresso with foam on the top. You can also use an espresso machine, milk frother, or another machine that is convenient for you. You can make it a traditional way; it is a milkshake or a jar. You shake your milk as hard as possible until it becomes as beautiful foam as you wish.

Other Ways To Make A Unique Shaken Espresso

There are many ways to make your shaken espresso different but still tasty. You can refer to some other ways to your shaken espresso cup, which will create a strange taste for your drink. First, there is a small change in the recipe that may be widespread in iced shaken espresso. The proportion in espresso and syrup is unique because they use 2% milk. You may want to try iced brown sugar oat milk for another shaken espresso. For this kind, you change the whole milk to oat milk instead.

Moreover, you change the simple syrup to a mixture of brown sugar. When everything is done, you put cinnamon or cinnamon powder on the top of your drink if you wish. With iced honey vanilla shaken espresso, as the name of it, you may predict what the ingredients of the shaken espresso are. After preparing the espresso, add honey and vanilla to the coffee, and stir it. After that, you will do the same as the traditional shaken espresso step. Another espresso you may want to try is the iced chocolate almond milk. Look at the name of this drink, and you might know what must be included. It is a sweet drink. You are able to replace whole milk with almond milk and add chocolate powder to the espresso brew.


Go and get some tips for you to try it on:

  • Simple syrup is easy to prepare. You can use it for about four weeks with the step mentioned above.
  • Typically, you use three shots of espresso. However, you can adjust slowly, two first, then if you feel you want more substantial, add one more.
  • You can add cold foam. For the cold foam, you can use skim milk
  • Because you make it for yourself at home, whatever you think might be suitable for your drink, add up or regulate time after time you have tried to get the best drink.


Shaken espresso is not so strange to coffee lovers. Making it your own at home might not be as hard as you think. This drink contains all flavors to be the best drink for your summer day. I hope that some advice above can suggest you have an excellent glass of shaken espresso. Besides, if you just make it at home, you might be regulated or add up any things you want to this. Are you ready to make your own espresso shake and know for sure how to make a shaken espresso? Just prepare all you need, a corner of your kitchen, and let the magic becomes real. Do you love the taste that you have prepared? Enjoy it and serve it to your family members.

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