How To Drink Espresso? – Careful Instruction

You, a tough-looking lawyer, just found a newly opened coffee shop near your apartment, which has become quite well-known recently. When you walk into the store and ask for a cup of espresso, do you notice the questioning look from the waitress? That is because espresso has become an indicator of drinkers’ persona, who are either typically arts students or preppy uptown chicks. If you want to work on your bravery to order this beverage anywhere, here is how to drink espresso like a professional by smelling, approaching the crema, drinking, and adding products to it.

Definition Of Espresso

What Defines The Establishing Process?

Ernesto Lily claimed that espresso represents the perfect example of what coffee demonstrates. Espresso is among the most endearing brewing methods. The defining characteristic is the extremely high pressure that the espresso machine produces. Accordingly, great atmospheric tension allows the barista to create a cup of espresso in less than half a minute.

How Does It Taste?

Despite having a dense concentration of coffee beans, it is against the cardinal rule that espresso affects your heart rate negatively. In other words, it should not bring it up too high. If any coffee shop violates this rule, the coffee output will be called “over-extracted” and taste horrible. Besides, apart from having a mildly bitter taste, you can notice that a typical cup of espresso will also bring a somewhat salty sensation to the tip of your tongue. 

Acknowledging Baristas’ Technical Terms

Now that you are sitting at a coffee counter with many baristas talking to each other in a language you can not correctly understand. This situation reminds you that to enjoy an espresso cup to the perfect point, you need to find out what the jargon relating to this drink is in the first place.


Espresso refers to not only the name of the brewing method but also the final product itself. I assume that many of you have already acknowledged this fact. However, there is another hidden truth that probably no one has told you about the delivery of this term. It does not matter if you are a native speaker, an English teacher, or a newly moved immigrant. We can all mispronounce this word at least once. The next time you hear some giggling among the counter staff or see the waiter holding back his waves of laughter, check back in your mind if you have said eh-press-o or anything else.

Pull An Espresso

The levers in an espresso machine will work as the primary tool for the barista to shoot water through finely-ground coffee beans. Therefore, the fact that it requires a straight downward motion clarifies why baristas come up with the term “pull an espresso”. Moreover, you may not see those levers in modern times since coffee shops now mainly use automatic machines in light to save time and effort. 


This one is much easier to comprehend, as you would usually hear the counter staff ask if you would like a single or double shot. Pure espresso does not usually require this kind of question, but the alternatives to it do. Since other beverages may contain espresso with additional supplements like milk or sweetened syrup, baristas must acknowledge the ratio of espresso their customers would like to enjoy.


Significantly boiled water shot under high pressure produces a foam layer that floats on your espresso cup’s surface. People often refer to this reddish foam as “crema,” Experts can also do ratings among numerous cups of espresso via this unique component. Different drinkers have ways of consuming crema, but this article will show you the most widespread method afterward.

Dial in

Even the most gorgeous outfit often requires trivial details, and the same situation applies to making an espresso cup. The automatic espresso machine does help baristas save much time; however, the statistics can also go wrong. Consequently, the staff must religiously keep an eye on the water pressure, grinding level, and boiling point if they want to put a smile of contentment on their customers’ faces.


Apart from the case that you handmade your espresso at home, the cups used to serve espresso have their own rules among any coffee shops you can come across. Demitasse stands for a colorless pottery cup or mug, and the truth behind why an Italian cultural child is mixed with French stuff is nowhere to be found. Leaving a message that you want your espresso to come out in a demitasse should help if you go out on a date and secretly yearn to impress your companion.


Mouthfeel is all about the sensation that the espresso brings to your mouth. Once you discover mouthfeel, you may feel familiar with plenty of factors, notably the texture of espresso. Experts also use this to examine the quality of espresso to see whether the procedure is successfully carried out or not.

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How To Consume Your Espresso?

Smelling Your Espresso

Imagine that you are at a traditional coffee store with an espresso connoisseur. You then witness her gently breathing in the scent of her coffee cup before actually bringing it to her mouth. You may regard this action as peculiar; however, this is an essential first step to having a wholesome drinking experience. 

Approaching The Crema

Fascinating as this foamy layer may seem, the crema is surprisingly not an all-time favorite choice of people. I am mentioning those who have not gotten used to espresso due to its unbearable bitterness. The usual suggested way would be to enjoy the coffee below and the crema separately and in order. This way, the bitter taste of crema will complement the rich flavor and the hidden drop of sweetness from the espresso. 

Either Using Big Gulps Or Small Sips For Drinking It

Even if you try to enjoy the crema and espresso part, as I recommended above, these two layers will eventually mix. Consequently, you can sense that the taste of your coffee is gradually changing. Besides timing, the cooling speed would also influence your drinking experience. Therefore, you can consider drinking it in big gulps or small sips up to your liking. Consuming it way too fast or too slow will have terrible aftermath, and you will never want to try espresso again. 

Tasting It With Sugar

You had better try to avoid doing this when sitting with an espresso addict, or they may rarely invite you out to coffee shops again. Most drinkers enjoy a plain cup of espresso with no additional flavor. However, beginners are always advised to add sugar if they can not tolerate the taste of pure espresso. 

Choosing Extra Things To Be Served With It

Three standard extras often come with your cup of espresso, including a tall cup of sparkling water, a bar of chocolate, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or even a little vodka. The water is used to remove any flavor you already had beforehand. At the same time, the other three mainly do the job of accelerating the taste of espresso. In coffee stores, you may see the options on the menu but if you do not see any, try to communicate with the waiter to do your espresso the way you would like.

Which Alternatives Can I Take Instead Of Pure Espresso?

No one will criticize you for disliking pure espresso since you can still enjoy it in different forms like America, cappuccino, or latte. The barista will blend espresso with heated water to serve a cup of Americano. In contrast, cappuccino and latte are strictly espressos along with milk. The single distinction between cappuccino and latte is how milk is mixed into the espresso cup. In other words, the milk will form a floating layer for a cappuccino. At the same time, the barista will directly pour the espresso into a latte. It sounds horrifying to espresso experts, but neither of the two mentioned methods remains the original bitter flavor of espresso. If you have an espresso machine, you should make a cup of latte through easy steps.

Where Should I Visit For The Best Espresso Experience?

Traditional coffee stores should be on the top of your list since the staff there has learned enough to have decent knowledge about making espresso.

How Is Each Type Of Espresso Shot

There are single shots, double shots, and triple shots. Each contains an espresso amount of one to three ounces, exactly like their names. It takes significant consideration for this aspect before you start to order any espresso.


It is vital to remember that this article only indicates the most popular way to create a chill moment with your cup of espresso. In other words, this might not be the best one you may see regarding how to drink espresso. This kind of coffee requires the proper technique and specific information about espresso-related things. Nevertheless, you can be flexible when circumstances have limitations.

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