How Many Calories In A Doubleshot Of Espresso? – Detailed Answer

A double espresso is one of the world’s most popular drinks, primarily due to its rich and concentrated taste. Whereas plain coffee can boost energy, an espresso mug contains low or almost no calories.

Suppose you crave coffee beverages and watch a double espresso’s calorie intake. In that case, the topic may be excellent news for you and those who drink more than a cup of espresso daily. One rasing question that people ask very often is, “how many calories in a doubleshot of espresso”. 

Overall Understanding Of Espresso

It is common to know that espresso is a rich and complex coffee made using boiling water under pressure to push through coffee grounds. The drink has its origin in Italy and has become famous to everyone. You must deal with two options when you go to a coffee shop. Could I order a single shot or a double shot? So, serious coffee lovers need to learn more about the difference between them before getting into the number of calories contained in this beverage.

Similarities And Differences Between An Espresso And A Double Espresso

There are more similarities between a regular espresso and a double shot than differences. Two types of espresso use the same coffee beans and flavor. 

Besides, the main difference is the ratio of brewing espresso. A single shot (or solo) uses 7g of acceptable grounds and produces approximately 30ml of espresso (about one liquid ounce). 

In comparison, a double shot brings the name “doppio”, which means “double” in Italy. A doppio calls for 14 grams of grounds, resulting in 60 ml of drink (roughly two liquid ounces). It requires two times the amount of water and grounds. As a result, the brewing process will give it the best flavor. It is richer and more intense compared to a regular single shot. It is widely known that espresso coffee is consumed in many cultures in significant quantities due to the increasing demand for higher caffeinated beverages. If we get a deeper understanding of coffee enthusiasts’ preferences, a doppio is considered normal and the standard in the coffee community. If you don’t have time to make espresso, you can buy an espresso machine, and the reason why an espresso machine is expensive is to save time.

Does A Double Shot Of Espresso Contain Many Calories?

A standard double shot of espresso typically contains roughly 2 to 5.4 calories per ounce, which depends on the brewing recipe for the extraction of acceptable grounds and water. We now consider the calorie content of coffee to think about this. Nutrition experts claim that brewed coffee contains just 2.4 calories, a lower concentration of calories and caffeine than a cup of espresso. In other words, espresso is much higher in calories than coffee because it is more concentrated, complex, and thicker. However, it is not simply true if you put in your common coffee additions like sugar, milk, and even the most minor flavorings. Any further reserves can drastically change the calorie concentration of your beverage. Who doesn’t want their cup to be topped with creamy milk and sugar? Sadly, this might increase the caloric intake from 5.4 to 120.

Espresso in weight loss efforts

Since a double shot of espresso contains mainly water, it is almost calorie-free. The main ingredient of a cup of espresso is water which has no calories at all. It is worth drinking this beverage when you are trying to keep your weight count down. If you choose to have this usual type of coffee, it is terrific for your health to drink daily. A shot of espresso is an effective option for you to start a new day of work. It has an advantage over regular coffee in weight loss efforts. You might not have a feeling of being hungry. Espresso helps you control weight since it gives you more energy and momentarily curbs your appetite. An obvious benefit of enjoying a cup of espresso is that the risk of health problems will reduce significantly. You can enjoy it and avoid other added ingredients such as cream and sugar if you pay close attention to calorie intake. A shot of espresso has a negligible amount of calories, roughly three calories per ounce.

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Q: Is Double Shot Of Espresso So Expensive At Starbucks?

A: It seems that this is the question that is searched the most. Generally, you have to pay more to drink a double shot. Whereas a single shot often costs $1.5. Starbucks’s double shot of espresso is one of the top-found new drinks on the menu. It typically contains 1.5 fluid ounces, according to the brewing ratios of many nations. Drinkers’ expectation of the price is to be around $3.00 for a cup. 

Q: Does A Doppio contain high caffeine content? 

A: Coffee drinkers who don’t want to take much caffeine won’t have to be anxious with a doppio. They claim that the amount of caffeine in one liquid ounce of espresso can range from 30 to 50 mg. Thus, the amount of caffeine in a double shot will probably range between 60 and 100 mg. If you choose a cup of espresso with five shots, you are likely to consume 400mg of caffeine. Be careful before you put yourself at risk for health concerns. Let’s say that for the sake of simplicity. If you are too worried about caffeine, you can limit yourself to one shot. A double shot can be a better alternative if you need an energy boost. 


So, how many calories in a double shot of espresso is the question you are wondering? And is the number of calories reported above an obsessive concern for you now? After reading the article, it will be enough for most coffee drinkers and those who are crazy about espresso. The calories and fats are low in each sip of espresso. A standard double shot of espresso typically contains roughly 2 to 5.4 calories per ounce. However, please pay close attention to the frequency of drinking this beverage because it can consume too many calories. In conclusion, there is no sensitivity or anxiety regarding the calories of a double shot of espresso.  

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