Best Prosumer Espresso Machine – Top 7 Coffee Machines

A medium-level espresso machine should be sufficient if you’re starting with home espresso machine. But what happens if you’re prepared to advance, dialing in stunning espresso shots while boiling milk for excellent cappuccinos, lattes, and other drinks made with milk?

If that applies to you, it might be time to consider the best prosumer espresso machine, combining commercial machine functionality with domestic use convenience. What do these machines offer over entry-level models, and which is the finest prosumer espresso machine to buy?

Here, in this article, we will bring up seven high-quality machines you might need!

Top 7 Best Prosumer Espresso Machines

Rancilio Silvia Pro X Dual Boiler Espresso Machine


Brand: Rancilio

Capacity: 1 Liter, 300 Milliliters

Color: Black, Stainless Steel, White

Unique feature: Timer, Thermal

Coffee maker type: Espresso Machine

Descriptions of the product:

The Rancilio Silvia Pro X Dual Boiler Machine may be the solution if achieving the complex taste qualities of espresso has invariably seemed tantalizingly out of touch because it allows for customized brewing.

As a result, you have the power to adjust many factors, such as acidity and body, as long as you find the ideal cup for you. This is accomplished by gradually releasing water under no pressure to thoroughly soak the coffee bean, followed by increasing brew head pressure to enable customization. The coffee puck is refined during the gentle infusion step to improve extraction.

Despite this unique and cool feature, this stainless steel prosumer model offers much more. For example, an insulated dual boiler (with dual PID) would help to give precise temperature control of the brewing and reheating processes.

Additionally, there is a high-end crossing steam wand, a hot water faucet, an adjustable cup tray, and a sturdy bronze brewing unit. They all add to the sense that this equipment was thoughtfully designed and benefits from many features in larger commercial machines. Not bad for a device that is only 15.3 inches (39 cm) in height, 9. 8 inches (25 cm), and 16.5 inches (42 cm) deep.


  • Optimum brewing results
  • Flawless quality for making coffee shots
  • Superior durability


  • Little bit costly, but it has perfect values accompanied.

Breville Dual Boiler Machine BES920


Brand: Breville

Capacity: 5.3 Pounds

Color: Black Sesame, Stainless Steel, Cranberry Red

Unique feature: Milk Frother

Coffee maker type: Espresso Machine

Descriptions of the product:

Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine takes pride in its prosumer products, and the BES920 goes beyond the ordinary to produce espresso of the highest caliber. A PID control is used to precisely regulate the temperature of the brew boiler, and a separate PID control is used to precisely control the taste of the group head.

The steam boiler employs a thermistor to generate its super smooth milk-based espresso beverages with complex tastes. They are completely present and accurate, underscoring how much the manufacturers value temperature control. Users can also adjust the steamer pressure by adjusting the heating temperature between 265°F and 285°F.

The dual-boiler coffee machine has two pumps. One for the steam boiler and one for the water boiler. This eliminates any possible pressure problems at the group leader if the auto-fill for the heat exchanger boiler engages while producing a shot.

The pressure gauge for perfecting your skill and the configurable pre-infusion interval and power with manual override lend this device even a hint of beginner-friendliness. The 58mm spinning blade of the semi-automatic espresso machine, which correctly levels off your portafilter, also makes the unit easier to handle. Finally, the predetermined descaling and descale warning should make maintenance unnecessary.


  • Fantastic for serious beginners
  • Rapid heating and a Thermo boiler
  • Automatic or manual steam wand


  • The steaming and brewing process in a single boiler is completed more slowly.
  • Not the most stringent type of legislation

Diletta Bello Espresso Machine


Brand: Diletta

Capacity: 3 Liters

Color: Black, Stainless Steel, White

Unique feature: An insulated, stainless steel boiler offers a top-class quality of water to your cup. Choose mirror-bright stainless steel or resilient powder-coated panels to match your kitchen. A case and frame made of stainless steel offer excellent build quality for years of service.

Coffee maker type: Espresso Machine

Descriptions of the product:

The Diletta Bello Boiler Espresso Machine is a chic heat exchanger in three colors: flour white, dust black, and stainless steel. With its shining metal E61 group head contrasted with the machine’s matte black polish, the latter is striking and modern-looking. While they are all attractive, if you’d prefer to skip the more typical polished brass style, the stainless steel design may catch your eye.

The Rocket Espresso Appartamento is the closest rival and has many of its essential characteristics. It is not worth worrying about refilling the water between batches very frequently. In addition to the E61 group head, there is a massive 3l water reservoir and a 1.8l stainless steel boiler. It is just somewhat more prominent at 11 inches (28 cm) by 17.7 inches (45 cm) and 14.5 inches (36 cm).

Compared to other heat exchanger machines, the Diletta Bello heats up in about 15 minutes. The machine’s double-pressure water indicator is one of its best features. It displays both water pressure and pumps level for better precision during shots’ pulling time.

The agitation engine in the Bello is mounted on rubber mounts, making it smoother than those in competing similar machines, even if it is louder than a rotary motor. The original setting for the espresso machine is 9 bars, which is considered perfect. Moreover, you will not need to make elaborate modifications before utilizing it. A slight temperature browsing will be necessary due to the lack of PID control, but this is nothing that a little scrubbing can’t solve before brewing.

The pressure button makes it simple to change the boiling power. Additionally, it can make stunning espresso, making it a real option for anyone searching for a chic prosumer machine. And for those who desire espresso and milk-based drinks of coffee-shop quality.


  • Ultra-compact
  • Heat the machine quickly
  • It greatly simplified to control


  • Need time to change the setting before using it to pull an espresso shot

Rancilio Silvia Boiler Espresso Machines


Brand: Breville

Capacity: 0.3 Liters 

Color: Stainless Steel

Unique feature: No

Coffee maker type: Espresso Machine

Descriptions of the product:

The Rancilio Silvia Boiler Espresso Machines falls into the prosumer espresso machine segment while having a price close to many entry-level espresso machines.

It provides INCREDIBLE VALUE that both newcomers and seasoned espresso drinkers will value.

Because it is a single-boiler espresso machines, it is inexpensive. This is obviously not for everyone. Espresso cannot be pulled when milk is steaming, which will undoubtedly lower the caliber of your milk-based beverages.

Having said that, Silvia is renowned for providing top-tier steam power. Due to Rancilio’s experience constructing professional espresso machines, this is a unique piece of equipment that can produce high-quality microfoam for less than $1,000.

This knowledge is also reflected in the build quality. Many of the same parts found in Rancilio’s commercial coffee makers, such as a steel frame and stainless steel exterior, are included in Silvia’s setup. For maximum temperature stability, the chrome-plated brass saturated group head is fashioned after a commercial espresso machine.

The improved boiler’s inside is made of corrosion-resistant, lead-free brass that has been thermally wrapped for consistent heating. This prosumer machine cannot be plumbed to a water line since it employs a vibratory pump. The 67-ounce detachable water container, however, is simple to refill.

With just a few controls controlling the power, brewing, water, and steam on the Silvia and even the pro version, the operation is simple. More simplification than that would be problematic.


  • Perfect durability
  • Give out the best coffee shots as expected
  • Various admirable function


  • To get such advantages, you need to pay a bit more charge for them.

Rocket Appartamento Prosumer Espresso Machine


Brand: Rancilio

Capacity: 2 Liters

Color: Black Sesame, Brushed Stainless Steel

Unique feature: Milk Frother

Coffee maker type: Espresso Machine

Descriptions of the product:

Rocket’s Appartamento Espresso Machines Prosumer includes all the features required to make top-notch espresso at home, in spite of its small size and reasonably affordable cost.

The name speaks for itself. Appartamento’s Italian word for an apartment implies that this brewer will fit in even the tiniest urban homes.

Because it uses a heat exchange boiler, you may brew and steam simultaneously while using up less room than dual boilers. In addition, the traditional E61 brew group with mechanical pre-infusion is used.

For improved temperature uniformity when pulling numerous consecutive shots, a little flow of water from the boiler is also employed to keep the group head warm.

The Appartamento is manufactured in Italy to exacting standards, just like all Rocket machines are. Its design is exceedingly unique, perhaps even more so than that of other Rocket engines. The polished steel appearance and iconic R-labeled knob are retained. However, it also has circular side panel cut-outs that come in a vast selection of colors to match any decor.

Both its fully detailed steam wands and separate hot water wands are available. The machine’s unexpectedly massive 61-ounce steam boiler belies its tiny stature. For fine microfoam, you, therefore, have more than enough steam power.

To maintain the small footprint of the Appartamento, some sacrifices had to be made.

You must rely on the reservoir to provide water because it uses a less powerful vibratory pump. Although vibratory pumps are typically a little louder, Rocket has made special adjustments to the internal architecture to reduce vibrations. Under no circumstances is this a real noisemaker.

Additionally, it has a tiny drip tray, which is a minor drawback. To prevent spills, dispose of them after your morning coffee each day.


  • Quick updates
  • Both brewing coffee and frothing milk simultaneously are possible with this device
  • Manual control
  • Space-saving


  • Delicate rail besieged

Nuova Simonelli Musica Prosumer Machines


Brand: Nuova Simonelli

Capacity: 0.53 Gallons

Color: Silver

Unique feature: Removable Tank, Programmable

Coffee maker type: Espresso Machine

Descriptions of the product:

The Simonelli Lux or Musica’s professional-grade construction makes it ideal for low-volume commercial use. The perfect solution for a small business to serve lattes and espresso on the side is this utterly automatic machine, which is quite simple to master.

Ristretto or regular espresso shots can be automatically “dosed” according to a set of instructions. Additionally, the hot water dispenser may be set up to supply exact volumes of water for consistent Americanos.

Pre-programmed knobs will brew constantly or pour 1-2 cups, but they can easily be changed to meet chosen amounts.

Pre-infusion, temperature, and pressure gauges with the option to change them, a powerful four-tip steam wand, and other traditional characteristics of prosumer espresso machines.

Because of this, this espresso maker is perfect for small businesses that occasionally sell coffee but lack the funds or necessity for complete barista setups and training.

Anyone can brew excellent espresso on the Lux with a few presets, and it is sufficiently powerful to handle a daily client volume that is comparatively low but big.

For a fair price, it’s a pretty darn good espresso machine. It’s impressive for the price and requires no special skills to use, making it perfect for anyone needing reliable outcomes at somewhat high numbers (for a prosumer machine, not a business coffee shop).

Even though it only has one boiler, the heat exchange copper boiler is of a good caliber. You can also change the temperature and pressure on your own to get better results. However, PID control lacks the additional level of quality and consistency.

Setting up the Lux first is a more complicated problem for other people. You’ll be in excellent hands if you have an experienced person to lean on.

However, there will be a learning curve to set up your Lux preferences if you’ve only recently got the espresso bug. It is possible to accomplish this with research and tutorials, but novices could find it intimidating.


  • Appropriate for low commercial volume
  • Shots and hot water dosing are automatic with adjustable brewing pressure and temperature.


  • No PID pressure/temperature control
  • Single boiler

La Pavoni EPBB-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Lever Style Espresso Machine, Black Base


Brand: Breville

Capacity: 2 Liters

Color: Black Sesame, Brushed Stainless Steel

Unique feature: Milk Frother

Coffee maker type: Espresso Machine

Descriptions of the product:

Although more complicated than the majority of prosumer equipment, the Europiccola is simple to use.

Turn on the machine after adding water straight into the boiler, making sure to check the side-mounted glass water gauge. Wait for the engine to reach the proper temperature, use the wand to remove any extra air, then restart the process by waiting for the machine to come to the temperature.

The portafilter should be filled, tamped, and placed as usual. After raising the lever, begin to drop it; as you near the bottom, the motion will become slower.

As with many machines, steaming can be accomplished simply by turning the knob.

Have you always wished you could brew authentic espresso like an old-school Italian barista? Embrace the 1950s with the Europiccola.

The Europiccola from La Pavoni is a traditional leverage machine run by steam and piston pressure. The Europiccola is practically a manual espresso maker, just like the GS3.

It’s probably the closest you’ll come to a manually controlled prosumer espresso machine because of the degree of control and the design and operation date to the 1950s (when lever espresso machines were introduced).

The lever controls the flow and pressure of the shots. Based on the amount of force you apply and the fineness (or coarseness) of the grounds you use, it will become harder or easier to push down that lever.

As a result, you’ll understand what your coffee is doing right now.

The exposed chrome-plated copper heat exchange boiler requires very little counter space to house all the parts.

The Italian word “piccola” (little) used in the name Europiccola is appropriate because this small item is almost as charming as a 40-ounce French press.

The three-hole conventional steam wand’s tip is also a little smaller than the contemporary norm. However, the portafilter was recently increased from 49 to 51 mm. The fact that it ultimately retains less coffee than typical filters can be attributed to its traditional European design.

Additionally, a cappuccino attachment uses additional aeration of the milk to produce a dryer, foamier texture.


  • A vintage lever espresso maker
  • Offers complete process control
  • A straightforward, compact, single boiler


  • Requires talent and work
  • Heats overly quickly


Should I Clean My Machine Frequently?

About once per week, you should backflush your coffee maker. Backflushing is a crucial component of preserving and cleansing your espresso maker. Aim for a backflushing with mere water once per week on a machine used frequently at home. Then, around every 200 shots, perform a thorough backflushing with a suitable cleaning agent.

Why Does My Coffee Cup Taste Bitter?

Espresso is a widely consumed morning brew worldwide. Although espresso’s robust and rich flavors can be overpowering, they should never taste scorched. The charred flavor in espresso may result from a brewing fault or something else.

Some main factors which influence significantly on the bitter taste:

  • Extraction time
  • Temperature Setting
  • Grind
  • Types of beans 
  • Type of tamping
  • The freshness of the beans
  • Dosing

Your espresso crema thus appears to be relatively thin. Large white and yellow bars may be seen on top. The puck from the espresso maker is sluggish and saturated. Most significantly, it tastes pretty sour.

You likely spent too much time extracting your espresso. After the brew, the more vivid colors and that awful bitter flavor stand out.

Cut down on the time you spend brewing. Keep the time between 20 and 25 seconds.

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Do Espresso Shots Die?

Espresso that has just been poured but is left to sit for longer than 60 seconds is referred to as a “dead cup.” A 2-minute-old shot should taste different from a shot that was just taken, and everyone should be able to tell the difference.

But then to call espresso extinct.

Not even just espresso but all brewed coffee varieties undergo quality changes as they begin to cool. Most of these qualities are lost in espresso after 2 to 3 minutes of sitting, and the flavor changes. Here are what you should pay attention to when enjoying coffee:

  • Espresso Crema
  • Oxidation
  • Time
  • Temperature

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Does Espresso Wake Me Up?

Caffeine is found in coffee. The way that caffeine works are by impersonating an adenosine receptor that makes you feel sleepy and groggy. The body gets exhausted and relaxed as adenosine binds to the receptor and decelerates brain activity. Caffeine reduces tiredness and boosts alertness by blocking adenosine from binding to its receptors. Caffeine can raise anxiety levels even more so than a person’s adrenaline and flight-or-fight response. To get the most detailed answer for the question Does espresso wake you up, read on articles from our website.

Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive?

“You get what you pay for” is a saying. In other words, you may buy a high-quality espresso machine in the long run with the money you would have spent on cheap equipment that breaks down after a few months or a year. If you enjoy espresso, put some money down and buy a high-quality machine.

The price of an espresso machine depends on the following:

  • Quality Stands The Test Of Time
  • Brand Reputation And Product Research
  • Features
  • Components And Materials
  • Low Demand
  • Storage And Maintenance Cost
  • Legal Documents

You don’t have to own costly equipment, in any case. Your preferences and financial situation will determine whether an espresso machine is worthwhile. Let’s say you use it frequently, have unique cravings, and have high-tech features. In that situation, you’ll choose more expensive equipment.

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You now have a deeper understanding of the variety of prosumer coffee makers that we discuss. There would be an increasing number of different unique types of machines which you can simply get more information to consider before purchasing one. It is entirely up to you which one you choose regarding brand, attributes, color, value, and use.

I hope that this post has given you all the necessary, decent information you need to decide on the best prosumer espresso machine.

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